4 Factors To Consider When Buying Pallets

Posted on: 5 October 2021

Pallets are a great way to ship a large number of goods all at once. If you have a large number of goods you need to ship to the same destination, you will want to put those goods on a pallet. There are five different factors you should take into consideration when selecting the right pallet to ship with.

Factor #1: Destination

First, you need to consider where you are shipping the pallet to carefully. The longer you are shipping the pallet, the more features that you need it to have.

For example, if you are shipping the pallet overseas, you will want to use a pallet that is treated to resist mold and is designed to guard against pesticides. If you do not need to ship the pallet that far, just across a few states, for example, you don't need the same level of protection from the pallet.

Factor #2: Weight

Second, you need to know how much weight you will be shipping. Different pallet materials can withstand different weight loads, so you need to know how much weight you will be shipping so that you can choose the suitable pallet material. The material and style of the pallet will impact how much weight it can carry.

Factor #3: Equipment Compatibility

Third, you need to consider what type of equipment the pallets will be compatible with. If the pallet is going to be moved around with a pallet jacket or forklift, you will want to ensure that the pallet is equipped to be moved with that type of equipment. Ensure that whatever pallet design you choose will work with the material handling equipment that will be used to transport it.

Factor #4: Lifespan

Fourth, you are going to want to consider the lifespan of the pallet. Different pallet materials are going to provide you with different lifespans. For example, a wood pallet can be used many times before it has to be recycled, as can a plastic pallet. Consider how many times you need to use the pallet and choose one that's lifespan is as long or longer than that.

When it comes to purchasing pallets for shipping, you need to consider the destination of your pallet, the weight of your goods, the equipment compatibility of the design, and the material's lifespan. This will help you choose the best pallet for your needs. Wood pallets are often a good choice, as they are long-lasting, reliable, and recyclable at the end of their lifespan.