3 Reasons Shippers Should Consider "Do Not Stack" Cones For Their Freight

Posted on: 8 November 2021

If your business has to palletize goods for shipment, you likely have days when you hope that none of the items get damaged en route. This is a common fear. Even if you have established a good relationship with a freight carrier, delivery issues can occur. It should not be a regular occurrence. However, it is possible for goods to get damaged during transport or delivery. 

There are a number of strategies that can be implemented to reduce the chances of damaged goods. If certain palletized goods require special handling, you need to ensure that the freight loaders and freight carriers are aware of these special needs. Perhaps your goods are the only ones that will be transported on the load. However, some freight carriers may have several shippers and deliveries in one load. You can protect your freight by ensuring you identify it as fragile. The following points identify the benefits of using"Do Not Stack" pallet cones for shipments.

Useful for Various Types of Freight

If you ship different types of goods, using the cones can allow you to combine different types of goods on one pallet provided that the items being shipped do not pose a threat to each other. These cones are effective in various industries that require the shipment of products that are sensitive. They are also ideal when there are concerns about packaging getting damaged from the weight of stacked pallets.


Your organization might be implementing protective strategies that are working to protect your freight. However, you need to consider whether or not they are the best available. For example, some companies use adhesive labels to assign do not stack pallets. These labels will need to be strategically placed on all sides of a pallet to improve the chances of them being seen. "Do Not Stack" pallet cones are secure to the top of pallets. Their bright colors, cone shape, and placement point make them impossible to miss. 

Multi-Lingual Printing Options

The bright colors of these special shipping cones will be enough for receivers and unloaders to identify a need for special handling and take time to read them. Many will be familiar with what they are. There are bi-lingual and tri-lingual print options on one cone. It is possible to also request cones in other languages if you ship internationally. 

"Do Not Stack" cones are easy to assemble. They are recyclable because they are made of cardboard. You can expect to purchase them in bulk, and they can be combined with labels as an added layer of shipping protection for your freight and cargo.