Diving Into The World Of Mystery Mail

Posted on: 3 May 2022

The U.S. Postal Service auctions off unclaimed mail after they do what they can to find the recipient. Whether the box's addresses were torn off or no one ever picked up the package and appeared to move without leaving a forwarding address, mail that can't be delivered isn't simply thrown away. You can buy some of these mystery boxes from resellers who offer different sizes for different prices. This can be a fun activity as long as you spend within your means.

Bigger Isn't Always Better

When you buy mystery boxes, keep in mind that bigger isn't always better. You can buy a huge mystery box only to find out that it's mainly bubble wrap. This doesn't mean that smaller packages will yield gems, of course. But select your boxes carefully. That's easier said than done given that these are mystery packages and you won't know what's in them until you open them. But do consider the sizes rather than leaping for the largest box.

Treat It as Fun

There are people who make it literally their business to buy unclaimed mail and then resell the items. Don't start off that way; start by purchasing for fun and seeing what you can do with the items. You may find that you have a knack for finding new homes for everything you buy, and that's great! But if you find that the mail you get tends to be unusable or boring, like somehow you've ended up with all the missing socks, treating the purchase as fun will help you laugh instead of getting frustrated.

Buy Appropriately

If you want to, you can go right to the source and bid at an auction run by the U.S. Postal Service for lots of unclaimed mail. But keep in mind that when the Postal Service auctions off lots, they will auction off a large number of items at once. If you prefer to get a smaller mystery box, then you'd go with a reseller who simply sends a box for a fixed price, rather than auctioning. If you're a genius at making eBay sales or garage sales, receiving a large number of unclaimed mystery packages might be great for you. But if you just want to take a chance on a small box to see what you might get, an individual mystery-mail reseller is a better source for you. You'll end up with fewer unwanted items.

Find a reseller who offers lower prices first and give mystery-box buying a whirl. You can expand as you get used to how the process works and as you see the items that tend to show up.