Protect Your Cargo With Impact Indicator Labels

Posted on: 28 June 2022

If most of your cargo ends up crushed, flattened, or severely damaged during transit, invest in impact indicator labels now. Many companies lose revenue due to improperly handled cargo. The damaged products may also impact your customers' faith in your company as well. Learn how damaged cargo affects your company and how impact indicator labels can protect you and your cargo below.

How Did Your Cargo Become Damaged? 

Many companies rely on semi-trailers, freighters, and other transportation to ship or move their products around the country. Many drivers and loaders take precautions with their clients' cargo before, during, and after transit. However, some drivers and loaders can be careless and damage their clients' cargo. Cargo can arrive at its destination crushed, flattened, and even unrecognizable. 

Damaged cargo can affect your bottom line over time. If you depend on certain products to increase or maintain your company's profits, damaged cargo may be even worse for you. Your business partners and customers may also experience problems with your damaged cargo. If your goods arrive too damaged, your partners and customers may lose faith in your company

If you're tired of dealing with damaged cargo, find a way to keep it safe during transit. You can use impact indicator labels to help you protect your goods. 

What Types of Labels Do You Need?

Impact indicator labels alert everyone who handles your cargo to be careful or cautious with it. The labels generally come in different colors that state the nature of your cargo's contents. The colors visually instruct or tell truckers and loaders how to handle the cargo during transit. 

For example, if some of your products contain flammable liquids that become dangerous if you move them too quickly, you may use a red label to protect them during transit. If some of your products don't mix well with other products or under certain conditions, you may place a yellow label on your shipping containers. The labels for products, gift items, and similar items may come in other colors, such as brown or pink.

Along with colors, labels may come with special warnings. The warnings may include things, such as "fragile" or "handle with special care". The warnings may also instruct truckers and loaders on how to stack or load the cargo into their trucks. If you have items that break easily if you place too much weight on them, the warning labels may be a good option for you. 

If you need assistance choosing cargo impact indicator labels for your cargo, consult a shipping company soon.